Chapter1: Home Again

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July 17,2010

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Chapter 2:Freedom


(Katara) Dear Journal,

Sokka and I were on our way to the Southern Water Tribe today. Aang was on his glider and we were on Appa. When we arrived, we saw our new home. It was so amazing, we had so many waterbenders and it looked better than the Northern Water Tribe.Sincerly,


(Zuko)Dear Journal,

I'm going home today. I have important buisness to take care of with the other nations.

(Toph) Dear Journal ,

I went to Ba Sing Se totday. My parents were there, but I coulden't face them.

(Sokka) I miss Suki she went to Kyoshi.But I get to see my Dad.

(Aang) Im At the Southern Air Temple Oh Ive got to go i got an important message from the Earth King.

Everyone was finally home but why did the Earth King send Aang a letter?

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